Trials of the Stair Phobic Pup- the Box


2×4 plywood


D rings w/brackets

Wood screws


      It is a glorious Saturday morning. Time to venture out to Lowes to gather materials for Raven’s Box. Im trying to come up with a cute name for her Box. It reminds me of a greyhound starting gate/box. Ive coined it that name for now.

     A trip to the locale hardware store is an adventure in itself. I find it very exciting to walk through the doors of Lowes. Just the excitement of all the things that one could build. The ideas are endless. Ive got to stay on point with this trip and not get distracted.

Ok. Off to the Lumber area.

   WoW! Just the smell of wood. Exciting. I venture off to the back of the lumber area, where the plywood panels are located. I gaze about – picking out two different types. I opt for my 2nd choice; much more robust and meatier (sanded pine). Yes, this will do just fine.

I have the very nice gentleman cut my 2×4 into two 12×28 pieces. These will become the sides of her box. The remaining two pieces (12×20) become the gates.

    Ok. Box pieces – DONE! Time to venture to the 2×2. Too bad I have to purchase the whole 2×2, I only really need 2 pieces 12 inches in length. Oh, well at least this is item is only $1.87. I have the very nice gentleman cut me 4 pieces 12 inches in length. I keep the remaining piece as one; it’ll fit in the back of the SUV just fine.

Awesome!!! Now to find hardware to put this thing together.

   I meet another very nice gentleman in hardware. So nice!!! He helps me pick out hinges, wood screws, small d ring with brackets – (these came from wall hanging dept), and latches.

Alright!!! Ive got everything I need. Time to head home and BUILD!!!!

Total Cost: $24


   Everything comes together very nicely!! I happen to find an old handle and affix this to this side for easy transport. Awesome!!!

I weight test the lift, without the box; it HOLDS!!!

Raven now has a Stair Lift!!! Project complete! Now comes the TRAINING!




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