So last fall (2016), let’s say September-ish, I made the decision to grow my hair back out. It had been cut in a short, chin length A-frame bob style. Me being the reader and researcher of things and life in general, came across this wonderful vitamin called – Biotin.

Now, what is biotin, you ask? Biotin is in the B-vitamin family. It is widely used for hair growth. I have to say I am a fan. My hair grew 2 inches in one month! :0 No joke! I took biotin from October through the end of December and my hair is now to my shoulders. So probably 6 inches.

Keep in mind, that when IĀ embarked on this adventure, my hair was probably right below my ear lobes. Yup, that short.

I will honestly say that while, this vitamin seemed to be a wonder drug, there were major side effects!! So major that I went on and off this vitamin over the course of usage.

To begin with, biotin is a water soluble vitamin, mean YOU MUST DRINK TONS OF H20 when taking this. The water helps with flushing your system. I learned that if you do not drink tons of H20 there is water weight and facial breakouts. And not the nice kinds, not that any break out is nice or pleasant.

So to alleviate all these nasty side effects, I found a cocktail of vitamins that aid in healthy skin! I took a combination of vitamin e, selenium, zinc, and a multi-vitamin. This combination helped greatly. I also took up daily exercise.

My hair has since then grown out, well at least to my shoulders, so I stopped taking the cocktail of vitamins. I do still take a multi-vitamin that includes hair and skin items, only a very low dosage of biotin.

So if you are wondering about BIOTIN or if you are wanting to grow your hair out quickly – there you have it. It also took about a week to see significant results.



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