Trials of the Stair Phobic Pup

Hello. It has been a very long time since my last blog. I will now start to blog my baby’s process. It has been 50 days since Raven had her spill with the infamous stairs. (I will post pic of the stairs as well.)

Raven is my 23 month old black lab pup. She weighs in at a healthy 75 lbs. (we’ll say; she has not been weighed since December 0f 2016.

Up until the day of the Spill, she has always been a very active, hyper lab as labs go! As you see, these stairs are very scary stairs, even for the humans. I, myself, have fallen on them a few times. My child has fallen on them. Needless to say, they are not safe!! Nothing I can do about them though. They are not of my property and sadly belong to my apartment complex. Boo-hoo . 😦

On this fateful day, Raven was bounding up the steps and her foot caught on the very last top step. I quickly scooped her butt up and set her on the landing and she fearfully trotted back to the apartment door, with limp. I quickly did an examination on her lags to see how things were. She allowed me to examine her and touch/massage over both of her legs and hip area.

The next time I brought her out for walkies and potty, she refused to go down the stairs.

From them on, Jan 30, I kept her indoors and made her a potty place on the deck. Keep in mind that we live on the 3rd floor. So for the next week, I kept Raven under strict conservative management. No running, jumping or rough play. She did not seem to mind this because she was still limping and on tip toe with her back leg. I did feed her baby aspirin with Pepcid for the pain. I also upped her glucosamine and added fish oil to her diet.

By February 10th, Raven’s limp had diminished tremendously! A week later, February 18th, she was able to put full weight on her leg. By this time, I began the reconditioning of the stairs with her. Up until this time, Raven had wanted nothing to do with the stairs. I would take her out and she would run away, back to the apartment door.

To this day, March 16, 2017, Raven has made wonderful progress, where her leg is concerned. She has regained full weight on it and is able to run, jump and army crawl.

Slowly, I coaxed her back to the landing and got her comfortable with just being on the landing. Then came the stairs. I covered the stairs with a carpet runner and also used a shelf liner for the extra part – the stairs are 20ft in length. :0 I have used meatballs, chicken cutlets, and pizza to coax her down. To this day, March 16, 2017, she remains at one step down.

I had even purchased ramps to cover the entire length of the stair, because I have her trained on a ramp inside; she loves this! Ramps over the stairs did not work either. 😦

It has now been a total of 50 days upstairs, 26 days with total weight on leg and stair reconditioning.

I have been doing research and have discovered that Dog Stair Lift Elevators is apparently a thing. I am now going to build Raven her own  – Raven Stair Lift.

I have decided not to use an electric winch because these things are super loud. I will be her motor.

I have built her a box that fits securely on top of her ramp. It has gates that open front/back and she is clipped in for safety.

(SEE ABOVE PIC. proto type . Her box will be built out of plywood and a frame will fit under the ramp as to hold it level. This cardboard box is her training box, ONLY.)

I have begun training her with the box and getting her to be very comfortable with just being in the box at a resting position. This is going very well. She is good with going in her box and she knows how to exit. So this is progress.

(SEE ABOVE PIC. Raven in her Box. Used for training til I have her Box built)

The next step will be to have her comfortable being in her box outside and near the stairs; on the landing.

Next will be to have her comfortable being in her box in a resting position over the stairs. After that it will be bringing her down/up a few steps, with the final objective bringing her down the whole flight.

With her Stair Lift, I will continue to recondition her with the stairs. Having her go up/down the stairs on her own is the Final, Final objective.

So that is my life for now. Busy Mommy to 1 humans child, 2 fur babies, and 1 aquatic snail.

I will continually blog about Raven’s progress and post picts. I hope to help others out there who have similar pet matters like mine.






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