The Power of Chillax


Keep Calm & Chillax!

Chillax is my son’s “calm down word.”  You know how people yell “Uncle” to someone to make them stop doing something, well “chillax” is our word.

One day my son got so rambunctious he was unable to calm down and he knew I was giving him the Look.  Mom’s you know that Look we give that says ” stop it right now or suffer the consequence!” Yep, that look.

It was just the funniest thing; he looked at me dead pan serious and said, “Mom, tell me to Chillax and I will.” So what does any mother do, I told my rather rambunctious child to Chillax!  And you know what, he sat down on the couch and made every attempt to calm himself down.

That’s what I call the power of chillax!


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