The Night Creeper




I woke this morning with a nite creeper in my bed – my son.  For the life of me I cannot understand why he continues to crawl in bed or fall asleep in my bed at night.

This just began a few months ago, I mean he had been sleeping in his room and in his own bed for a while now.  I was so happy when this happened.  Flashback to when he was 5-years-old, he used to creep in the hallway right outside my bedroom door.  This stayed a nightly thing for a very long time.

I used to have a – “No kids, pets, toys, stuffies, blankies” in mommy’s bed rule.  As you can see I clearly folded on my rule.

I used to think he did this nightly habit because at his father’s house there are many step siblings and they all share bedrooms; so maybe he was just lonely at my house, I mean it is just him and I, the cat, and a few fish.  Maybe he was just used to having another person in his room at night.

When he finally made the decision to go back and sleep in his room, I was so proud of him.  I made it all cozy, lots of night lights, so many it looked like daylight but at night.

Yay, I said to myself.  Now, mommy can get a full nights rest without a Mr. Sleeping Wiggles and his nightly entourage of stuffies, blankies, and small toys.  I did forget that I still had to contend with the cat, who likes to sleep on my hair or very close to my face, at least I could shoo this one-off the bed easily.

So for now, I have decided that I will enjoy my little night creeper because maybe next year we will have grown out of this.  Plus, I look at it as extra cuddle time because we moms know that all too soon our children will enter the “Oooh Mom, not in public!!” stage.  I will take it when I can, that’s for sure.

Happy sleeping, moms (and dads) who have nitely creepers!!




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