Perpetually In Motion – Mr. Wiggles

wiggle wrm

Ever try to watch a movie with a child who is in constant motion? Always has to have some part of his little body moving. Constantly asking questions and giving a constant commentation?

Well, this is how it is at my house. Tonight we watched the National Treasure saga. I wasn’t sure if we were ever going to make it through to the end of the movies.

As we got more into the movie, which is a well loved movie saga in our house and who doesn’t love a Nick Cage movie, right? I began to think about why my son was constantly in motion. Several explanations came to mind –

1. Mr. X has sugared him up be for dropping him off.
2. We are a boy and have an unlimited supply of energy.
3. There are jumping beans in his pants.
4. He magically sucked all my life’s energy out of me and gave it to himself when I picked him up.

I watched him sitting next to me, ever trying so hard to not move a muscle because I kept telling him to -“Sit still” and “Let’s watch the movie and find out.”

I don’t think I ever saw him be still during the whole 2 hours of the movie. I came to the conclusion that his perpetual motion was a combination of all my explanations, but mostly more of my #2 reason.

I also think that in my old age I have become more easily irritated, so these little “things” that I once thought were cute – drive me nuts!!!


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