Magic Mom Power


Teaching your children about the circle of life. When teaching this life lesson, which usually happens every few weeks or months in my household, because we have several fish tanks – and Moms we all know that Goldie and her friends are just not going to live forever – have to teach this life lesson to young children more often then not.

In my house we have had at least 4 fish funerals, a wipe out of sea monkeys, and a snail funeral. After my son’s reaction to the first fish funeral, I decided that it was a must to pull that “Magic Mom Power.” Mom’s you know the one Im talking about – the one where Goldie makes a miraculous recovery from “sleeping.”

I know to some this might seem just down right wrong, however; if you’ve never had a child scream and cry over a “sleeping” Goldie you just don’t know.

Yes, I’ve gone and explained the circle of life to my little one – a reference to “Lion King” used to work in the beginning or a reference to “Little Nemo.” (‘all drains lead to the ocean” type of thing)

It seems as we have gotten a little bit older we have begun to form bonds with our little aquatic friends, so loosing them becomes much more dramatic especially in Eight Year Old Land.

So what’s a mom to do – Magic Mom Power. Yes, we super mom’s have that super power that magically brings things back to life – the get out out of all fix its.

I recently had to utilize this power in our playroom tank and will have to do the same with the sea monkey tank. Though Im sure sea monkeys are not sold at the local pet store.

And the circle of life goes on. Happy Magic Mom Power!!


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